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Tractor & Trailer issues

Tractor & Trailer issues

Tractor & Trailer issues

Tractors and trailers are versatile farming equipment that help perform a lot of functions. These monstrous machines are, however, not immune to disasters. In the United States, you will find more tractors on farmlands than on the freeways. Thus, when a tractor has broken its crank shaft or damaged its power steering, there is no other solution but to call a mobile response repair team.
Logistics repair Newcastle has the most efficient team that can help resolve any issue that arises on the farmland. Trailers in Newcastle are also vital transporting solutions that often get damaged in the middle of nowhere. But, if you have a trailer that has stalled for days or even weeks and has been left unattended, need not worry any more. We are responsible for conducting most of the repair work in the entire Newcastle.

Common trailer issues to watch out for

Before embarking on a tedious trailer journey, you need to watch out for a few important factors.
Our mobile repair team will maneuver the long and wearisome journey to come to your aid. We will respond to any distress call no matter the time of day.

How do you know if your Tractor/Trailer needs repair?

In the world of trucks, you will have to encounter some issues and problems. If the issues are unresolved or ignored for long, you will risk losing your vehicle or getting completely damaged.

The most common truck problems dealt

with at logistics repairs at Newcastle are:

Engine Overheating

This is one of the leading causes of engine failure. Overheating may be caused by a blown gasket or issues arising from the fuel tank. To deal with this problem and prevent any failures, you can visit the best logistics repairs in Newcastle.

Brake Fluid Leaks and Brake Failures

Trucks experience brake failures and leaks due to the pressure placed on brakes. Proper maintenance will ensure that you avoid issues like brake failures and leakages. Wheel bearing issues include unusual noises from the truck’s wheels, unstable road movements, or vehicle jerking. If you notice these issues as a truck operator, visit logistics repairs in Newcastle and get a professional to check your wheel bearings to get your wheels to move smoothly.

Starter Failure

Starter failure is a common issue in tractor-trailers in cold areas. In logistics repairs in new castle, we deal with starter failure issues, mostly in the winter season. Therefore, in the winter season, your starter needs to be counter-checked. Starter issues will be determined as a problem with the ignition, and as an operator, you will notice this easily.

U-Joint Failures

U-joints, usually transfer power to the transmission differentiator. U-Joints need to be regularly lubricated to avoid wear and tear. When the U-joint is failing, you will notice a clicking sound or vibration at high speeds.