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About Logistics Mobile Repair Company

Our History

Logistics mobile repair started as a humble business corporation that aimed at solving lightweight truck hitches in the neighborhood. Several months down the line, we have mastered the art of motorized repair and polished our services to offer significant solutions to other clients in the current five states.
With time, we aim at improving the coverage area and expand to other destinations across the United States.

Company Profile

Logistics mobile repair is your number one dependable and solid repair company that offers all kinds of truck and trailer repair services (both industrial and commercial). With immense experience in diagnosing not only the technical truck impairments but almost all other kinds of transportation maintenances, your concerns are catered for closely.
From all kinds of tractor & trailer issues, truck welding (resistance seam welding (RSEW), resistance spot welding (RSW), and laser beam welding (LBW)), computer diagnostics, ABS issues to brakes & tires, need not worry at all.