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In the world of trucks, you will have to encounter some issues and problems. If the issues are unresolved or ignored for long, you will risk losing your vehicle or getting completely damaged. At Logistics mobile repair, we cater to all our customer’s needs and concerns.

At Logistics mobile repair, we value our customers. The client’s satisfaction is part of our company’s corporate vision and mission.
Here is a list of the available services that we offer.

  • Computer Diagnostics, DPF issues
  • Welding, Air Leaks
  • Tires & Brakes
  • Electrical & ABS issues
  • Tractor & Trailer issues

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Are you looking for a licensed truck repair company that guarantees excellent results? Plus, Are you tired of working with amateur mechanics who will not get all the repairs fixed? WORRY NO MORE.

Mobile Repair Services

The most common truck problems dealt
with at logistics repairs at Newcastle are:

Computer diagnostic and DPF issue

Computer Diagnostic & DPF issues

We can troubleshoot issues like erratic engine misbehavior, general low voltage, and bad starters. Our diagnostic tools can troubleshoot both software and hardware issues.

Tires & Brakes

Tires & Brakes

Tires and brakes are a fundamental part of any motor vehicle. These two specific accouterments require adequate maintenance to perform at their best.

Welding, Air Leaks

Welding, Air Leaks

Logistics mobile repair has a response team in place to resolve all the welding and air leaks that occur as a result of bad weather and damaged snorkel (plastic boot) around the engine area.

Electrical & ABS issues

Electrical & ABS issues

When it comes to the electrical issues in a truck, you have no other choice but to contact the professionals. All the electrical configurations in a truck are skillfully done and cannot be handles casually.

Trailer issue

Tractor & Trailer issues

Our mobile repair team will maneuver the long and wearisome journey to come to your aid. We will respond to any distress call no matter the time of day.

Engine Overheating

Overheating may be caused by a blown gasket or issues arising from the fuel tank. To deal with this problem and prevent any failures, you can visit the best logistics repairs in Newcastle.

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