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Electrical & ABS issues

Electrical & ABS issues

When it comes to the electrical issues in a truck, you have no other choice but to contact the professionals. All the electrical configurations in a truck are skillfully done and cannot be handles casually. As a result, we have made it our number one priority to have experienced electricians handle all the electrical issues encountered. From connecting the battery system to configuring the heater, alternator, starter, distributor, and fan, we have the required technical know-how. The Anti-lock Braking System in a truck, on the other hand, is another vital fitting that needs to be in its precise working condition at all times. This system can malfunction because of a number of reasons. With the most common cause of damaged being an underperforming sensor.
When the sensor is underperforming, do not hesitate to call for our services. We have all the insights and knowledge of dealing with ABS among other crucial truck fittings. Out logistics mobile repair team in Maryland as well as the Newcastle logistics mobile repair are familiar with all the electrical and ABS issues most truck owners experience.

Troubleshooting advice from the experts

Before contacting out team, we have a guide that can help you troubleshoot the electrical malfunctions in your truck. Here are two things to always check
If all the above procedures do not work, you should contact our team.

How to fix Electrical & ABS issues

Electrical and ABS issues mostly occur when sensors are tainted with wreckages or metal shavings. Issues can also arise if the sensor wiring is damaged. If your ABS is malfunctioning, check the brake sensors and wiring. Some common Electrical ABS issues include:

Illuminated ABS Light

Illuminated ABS light is one of the signs of a blown fuse. The ABS light comes on when the computer detects a problem with the system. For example, if a fuse blows, the computer will pick up a signal and activate the Check Engine Light to notify you there is a problem. At Logistics Repairs in Newcastle, if you come with an illuminated ABS light, we will counter-check the engine and scan for codes to know the real issue.

Tires Locking Regularly

Another possible sign that there is an issue with the ABS is by tires locking up and in your vehicle’s motion. If you come to seek a professional at Logistics Repair in Newcastle with this problem, you will have your ABS and engine thoroughly checked.